The new Mosque Flow Series-1 Sneakers


Introducing our new Mosque Flow Series shoe line! We've teamed up with Italian shoe manufacturer, AliveShoes; Every shoe is handmade by mastercrafters and feature pristine Italian leather. Each pair is one-of-a-kind: a combination of handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style.

When you shop our AliveShoes Store you get free shipping, 100% satisfaction guarantee, try on at home, free returns within in 30 days, refunds no questions asked. Click the button below to shop our shoes on AliveShoes


Our Mosque Flow online store features high-end, quality apparel & jewelry for those who appreciate an authentic expression of lifestyle, culture and design; representing excellence!

The new Mosque Flow HQ23 Collector's Edition Sneaker

Our new Mosque Flow HQ23 Collector's Edition Sneaker is inspired by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), receiving divine revelation of The Holy Quran, from Allah (God) during the Holy Month of Ramadan, over a 23 year period.  This limited edition shoe features genuine Italian leather, Holy Quran colorway and painted gold soles. (Recommended for collector's display only, as gold paint will rub off with wear.)

The Mosque Flow - Brother Jesse BJBlog Sneakers

They're back in all black! A salute to our Brother Jesse Muhammad, award winning journalist, speaker, writer and social media giant! The official BJBlog sneaker features all black genuine Italian leather with orange trim and BJ logo.

"Mediocrity is not in your DNA!" -Brother Jesse Muhammad @brotherjesse

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